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Why Do White Spots Appear on Nylon Wire Ties?

The nylon wire ties we usually use, especially the black nylon wire ties and plastic cable ties, are always found to be moldy and white inside. Why do nylon ties get moldy or white spots, and how can we prevent these phenomena?

1. About the nylon wire ties

Nylon tie, a kind of tie made of nylon. Cable ties are also known as cable ties, lock belts, and cable ties. According to the material, there are nylon wire ties, stainless steel cable ties, and plastic-sprayed stainless steel cable ties. There are many kinds of nylon wire ties, according to different functions, such as the wiring equipment industry, they are divided into: self-locking cable ties, sign cable ties, live buckle cable ties, tamper-proof (lead seal) cable ties, fixed head cable ties, label cable ties Straps, pin ties, aircraft head ties, bead hole ties, fishbone ties, weather-resistant cable ties, etc.

2. Reasons for white spots on nylon wire ties

The so-called white spots that appear in the packaging bag of the nylon tie and on the body and head of the nylon tie have two sources: one is that the internal additives of the tie are decomposed when absorbing water, and the other is the formation of hard solidification in water. This is very obvious on the black nylon wire ties, while the white nylon wire ties are generally invisible, mainly because the white spots on the Baise nylon wire ties are inconspicuous and difficult to detect, not without them.

The solution to the white spot phenomenon of nylon wire ties lies in the production process. In the process of making the cable ties, the method of "wet steaming in the steaming cabinet" is adopted. After the production is completed, soaking, washing and drying can basically avoid the occurrence of white spots. However, nylon tie manufacturers consider that it is inconvenient and expensive to wet steam for small-sized nylon wire ties, so they generally still use natural water absorption. However, the natural water absorption method can also avoid white spots. The most important point is to strictly control the water absorption ratio during the natural water absorption process, especially to adjust according to the temperature and humidity of the surrounding environment. This requires the help of manufacturers or engineers to enrich experience of. This phenomenon can basically be avoided if controlled properly. Otherwise, once the natural water absorption ratio is exceeded, the humidity in the packaging bag will be too high, and white spots or the so-called "mold" phenomenon will appear within a month.

Regarding the so-called mildew phenomenon of nylon wire ties, it does not actually affect the use effect of nylon wire ties, and it basically does not have much impact on the service life. After you find this phenomenon, you can continue to use it with peace of mind.

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