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Performance Specifications for Heat Shrink Sleeves

The heat-shrinkable sleeve can protect the cable according to the heating and shrinkage, and the shrinkage of the heat-shrinkable sleeve is a whole process of gradual color change. It must take a certain period of time to completely shrink. What about the time it takes to shrink the heat shrink sleeve?

1. Special tools for heating heat shrink sleeves

There are many choices of special tools for heating heat shrink sleeves. If the temperature of the special heating tools can consider the shrinkage temperature of the heat shrink sleeve, it can be applied, and the heating temperature will affect the shrinkage time. At this stage, heat shrink sleeves are common The special heating tools include hot air welding torch, lighter, drying box, candles, etc. Hot air welding torch is a more efficient choice for heating special tools. However, when heating with a hot air welding torch, pay attention to heating evenly from the middle of the heat shrinkable tube to both sides or from one end to the other end, so as to prevent damage to the heat shrinkable tube.

2. Specifications and dimensions of heat shrink sleeves

The size of the heat-shrinkable sleeve and has two aspects, namely the thickness of the heat-shrinkable sleeve and the size of the heat-shrinkable sleeve. If the length of the heat-shrinkable sleeve is too small, the heat generated will of course be concentrated. melting point, and thus shrinking faster. The wall thickness of the heat shrink sleeve also affects the rate of heat exposure, so the shrinkage time is also affected by the size of the heat shrink sleeve.

3. Material characteristics of heat shrink sleeves

There are many types of heat-shrinkable sleeves produced by heat shrink sleeve manufacturers on the market. Different types of heat-shrinkable sleeves have certain differences in the use of materials, which results in different shrinkage temperatures of heat-shrinkable sleeves. Some heat-resistant materials Its contraction time is longer. Compared with PVC/PVDF heat shrink sleeves, the shrinkage time of PVC heat shrink sleeves is longer. The above are many key factors that affect the shrinkage time of the heat shrink sleeve. Pay attention to the appropriate heating method during the whole process of shrinkage, otherwise it is very easy to affect the subsequent performance index of the heat shrink sleeve.

In the application of heat-shrinkable sleeves to cable terminals, clean all cable terminals with a clean mask before application, and then wrap the heat-shrinkable sleeve and a part of the welding point with plastic tape to warm the heat-shrinkable film grommet When shrinking, the sealing film melts and overflows from the front-end development, further strengthening the sealing of the front-end development, preventing the heat shrinkable film grommet from being completely closed after shrinking, and further avoiding the purpose of gas leakage.

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