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Application and Installation Methods of Stainless Steel Cable Ties in the Automotive Industry

Stainless steel cable ties are stainless steel products mainly used for industrial bundling and fixing. Due to the use of stainless steel materials, they have the characteristic of chemical resistance (acid, alkali, salt and other chemical media).

Application analysis of stainless steel cable ties in automobile industry production

Stainless steel cable ties are a versatile and durable fastening solution for many applications. Aircraft cable ties and automobile cable ties are both representatives.They are made from high-grade stainless steel for superior strength and corrosion resistance, making them ideal for use in various harsh environments. The following is the application analysis of stainless steel cable ties in automobile industry production.

  • The heating plate of the exhaust pipe of the automobile is replaced by a bundle tie instead of the traditional welding method, which prevents the stress from breaking the welding point caused by thermal deformation, and improves the service life and reliability of the insulation material. The simple installation method reduces the cost of the exhaust pipe.

  • The dust cover of the rotating axis and the stainless steel cable ties product, with its advantage of not being limited by specifications, reduces the inventory created due to different specifications in the production of rotating axis, and has simple structure and high compressive strength, which provides excellent characteristics for the dust cover of the rotating axis.

  • The stainless steel cable tie product for the brake pedal bus ensures the reliability of the automobile brake pedal bus with its unique coating stainless steel cable ties, and keeps the surface of the bus from being damaged.

  • When fixing the automobile safety airbag, the stainless steel cable ties manufactured by the professional stainless steel cable tie factory ensure the reliability of the automobile safety airbag.

  • The stainless steel cable ties are used for the water inlet and gas pipelines of automobiles, and their excellent tightening ensures the sealing, safety and reliability of pipelines.

Installation method of stainless steel cable ties

1) The coated stainless steel cable tie passes through the cable with a good cushioned rubber, so that the cable is inside the tie fixing loop. The tooth of the special tool is clamped at the root of the tie buckle, and the part of the cable tie that protrudes is clamped at the incision.

2) Use your hand to repeatedly pull the moving handle of the special tool until the tie is tightly fixed. Pay attention to the tightening standard: visually, there is an obvious depression in the rubber skin of the fixing point, which is tightened by the tie.

3) Tie the stainless steel cable tie tightly and pull down the cutting tool to cut off the excess tie.

Finally, installation manuals of various models will add the requirements for the use of special tools for stainless steel cable ties in the later stage. In the future installation process of project installation units, project engineers need to strictly follow these requirements to guide on-site electrical installation. On the other hand, in some sites, due to the mass loosening of the saddle side stainless steel cable ties, the main cable U-ring seriously sags, and the main cable needs to be pulled back in sections to the saddle side for re-fixing. Timely application for the purchase of special tools and re-fixing with special tools is necessary.

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