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The Difference Between Stainless Steel Strapping and Stainless Steel Cable Tie

Introduction of stainless steel cable tie

The specific specifications of the stainless steel cable tie are determined based on the object to be bundled. The most convenient feature of the stainless steel cable tie is that the size can be changed according to the object to be bundled. The surface of the stainless steel cable tie is bright, corrosion-resistant, and has good oxidation resistance, which can meet the bundling requirements of different industries. It is conveniently packaged in durable paper or plastic boxes. Stainless steel cable ties are widely used in the power system industry, automotive field, pipeline industry, cable and communication industry, municipal sector, industrial sector, aerospace industry, etc. In particular, the PVC-coated stainless steel cable tie on the surface of the product increases the product's anti-oxidation and corrosion resistance, and can even be used in marine environments.

What is the difference between stainless steel strapping and stainless steel cable ties?

What is the difference between stainless steel strapping and stainless steel cable ties? First of all, they are two different products, with different product performance, working environment, and service life. For example, stainless steel cable ties are mainly used to reinforce some things that need to be reinforced. The stainless steel cable tie manufactured by the reliable cable tie holder factory can stably bind things that need to be reinforced, which is stable and beautiful. However, stainless steel strapping cannot do this, which is the difference between stainless steel strapping and stainless steel cable ties; of course, sometimes the environmental conditions for using stainless steel strapping cannot use stainless steel cable ties; this is the uniqueness of the product based on its uniqueness.

Maintenance and cleaning of stainless steel cable ties

Like other materials exposed to the atmosphere, naked stainless steel cable ties can also become dirty, and there is still a relationship between rainwater flushing, manual flushing, and dirty surfaces. The effect of rainwater flushing is determined by placing the same plate directly in the atmosphere or placing it in a sheltered place. The effect of manual flushing is determined by manually scrubbing the right side of each plate every six months with a sponge and soapy water. The results showed that removing surface dust and deposits through rainwater flushing and manual scrubbing has a good effect on surface conditions. In addition, it was found that surface treatment conditions also have an impact, and panels with smooth surfaces are better than those with rough surfaces. Therefore, the washing interval is influenced by various factors, and the main influencing factor is the required aesthetic standards. Although many stainless steel curtain walls are only cleaned when wiping glass, in general, external stainless steel is cleaned twice a year.

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