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Cable Ties Used In Shipbuilding

Our shipbuilding products and solutions are designed to withstand extreme mechanical stress and strain. Humid environment, high concentration salt water environment and vibration environment will cause damage to cables and wires. The cable management solution designed by our company allows you to significantly reduce costs by quickly installing and using durable materials.

Types Of Cable Ties Used In Shipbuilding

Our company supply many types of cable ties used in shipbuilding. They are as follow:

  • Cable tie mount: The cable tie mount is used to fix the cable tie to prevent the cable tie from sliding and use with the cable tie to make the cable tie stronger.

  • The cable tie holder: it has the same function as cable tie mount, but the holder has a thread that can be directly rotated into a threaded hole with a diameter of 6 or 8 mm.

  • Stainless steel tie: If the cable is used in the environment where it may be exposed to a relatively humid state but needs to be fixed by a cable tie, this stainless steel cable tie  will be used. The first is that it prevents rust. The second is that the plastic zip tie  will absorb water and become soft, but the quality of the stainless steel is intact and durable. 

  • Stainless steel PVC coated tie: It is to spray a layer of PVC material on the basis of stainless steel ties. This effect is that the plastic coating will not react in the environment of chemicals, acid, alkali and salt.

  • The heat shrinkable tube is used for wiring, which provides more protection for the wires.

Cable Tie Importance

Wire management can be used in different places. 

  • Agriculture and engineering vehicles: From agricultural machinery and equipment to offshore factories, our thermoplastic molded parts are not only able to withstand but also adapt to harsh conditions. Our cable management team in agricultural engineering and infrastructure construction industry is committed to producing cable tie to protect sensitive electronic parts, so that your cable components can work in any environment. Whether it is high-impact, thermally stable, abrasion-resistant, flame-retardant or spiral reinforced, our standard solutions and customized parts have the best performance. 

  • Automotive industry: The use of cable management solutions in the automotive industry is mainly to shorten production time, reduce weight and minimize the number of components. At the same time, material selection, vibration control, sound insulation, anti-skid, anti-leakage and many other automotive related challenges are also within our scope of responsibility. Applicable products range from wire harness tying protection to wire harness identification. We have a professional team to meet your needs and deliver your standard and appropriate solutions. As a manufacturer, our products are safely stored and available at any time.

  • Shipbuilding industry: This material can be used in the shipbuilding industry, and our cable management solutions can cope with most extreme conditions, including the strong mechanical environment in the shipbuilding industry.

The marine environment is very harsh. Everything needs to be safe inside the ship. The key of the materials used must be certified for fire protection. Our cable ties are specially developed for the shipbuilding industry, are halogen-free, and have the necessary certifications to meet the requirements. Therefore, our products are reliable and durable, and can help you achieve the dual goals of improving the safety and efficiency of shipbuilding.

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