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Aviation Cable Ties

We ensure that all our cable ties are produced of Nylon 6,6 and are manufactured under strict quality control. The majority of our cable ties are exported around the world. This ensures our cable ties will meet (and in the majority of cases exceed) the standard-breaking strains.  We also have extremely competitive pricing and a very professional team offering impeccable service, which is very rare in this day and age.

Why aircraft cable ties are so important?

There are many different types, sizes, and specifications regarding aviation cable ties. There is no doubt that absolutely every component of an aircraft, whether large or small, needs to be of the highest standard, and the same rings true for aircraft cable ties. As you can well imagine, there are many wires and electrical wiring systems on-board allowing the aircraft to function in the safest manner. These bundles of wires need to be kept in neat and tidy order so that repairs on an aircraft are easy, and so that identifying a possible electrical problem is also done with ease. The best way to keep these wires in “neat bundles” is to utilize China cable ties. It goes without saying that these cable ties need to meet the mechanical specifications for all other parts and components in the aircraft industry.

How to get high-quality aviation cable ties?

There are many other uses for aircraft cable ties. It is essential to deal with an experienced seller of aviation zip ties and aircraft equipment to ensure that you are getting the best quality cable ties, which have passed all the necessary quality tests. It is plausible that even a highly qualified aircraft engineer is not fully aware of the type of aircraft cable ties within our industry, or which types of zip ties are best suited for the job at hand.

For more assistance with our aircraft cable ties or any of our products, feel free to contact Hont Electrical at any time.

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