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What Are the Precautions for Using Stainless Steel Cable Ties?

Maybe many people do not understand that in fact there are stainless steel cable ties, and stainless steel cable ties are not as soft as our plastic cable ties. Stainless steel cable ties use their very strong rigidity to achieve the purpose of restraint. So what exactly is a stainless steel cable tie?

Ⅰ. What are stainless steel cable ties?

Although stainless steel cable ties are not as common as nylon, plastic and other cable ties, they also play a strong role in certain fields. Stainless steel cable ties are a stainless steel product mainly used for industrial binding and fixing. Stainless steel cable ties are not limited by the shape and size of the bundled objects. The simple buckle structure simplifies the complexity of traditional hoops. Good fastening performance ensures the safety of the bundled objects. Stainless steel cable ties are anti-corrosion and high temperature resistant. Materials ensure the aesthetics of the environment and fire protection requirements.

Ⅱ. Matters needing attention in the use of stainless steel cable ties

Stainless steel cable ties are often used to bind pipelines, cables and some products of different sizes and shapes. When binding these products, sometimes a professional belt tightening machine is needed to make the binding effect better. Perhaps, in order to ensure The binding is firm. There are some common problems when binding stainless steel cable ties. The following is an example of common problems when binding cables:

1. The method of binding cables should be unified. When binding cables with stainless steel cable ties, start to bind the cables from the beginning of the cables, bind the cables firmly, and bind them in the same way at a certain distance until the end of the cables, so as to ensure that the cables are bound after binding. Neat and elegant, and ensure the normal transmission of current and data signals.

2. Pay attention to the neatness of the cables when binding. According to the specifications and models of stainless steel cable ties, choose a cable tie with a suitable specification to bind the cables. It is worth mentioning that when multiple cables are bundled together, pay attention to the neat arrangement of the cables, and do not cross them in disorder. Keep the cables The leveling is perpendicular to the neat arrangement, so as not to affect the subsequent use of the cable and provide convenience for the aftermath.

3. Bind the cables separately. When using stainless steel cable ties to bind cables that need to be double-layered, each layer of cable must be bundled separately, and the foam pad should be placed on the outside of the cable when binding, and then be bound with stainless steel cable ties. To control the tensile force well, not only should the cables be given enough space to prevent damage to the cables, but also the cables should be bound firmly.

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