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The Role of Stainless Steel Cable Ties in Ensuring Safe Navigation of Ships

On board a sailing ship, all accessories are complete for safe navigation. There are many accessories on the ship. Although a stainless steel tie strap for ships is just a small and insignificant accessory made of raw materials, it is actually a very important accessory for safe ship navigation. Why does this small accessory seem so important for a ship?

Application of stainless steel tie straps on ships

As we all know, there are many ports in coastal cities. With the development trend of import and export trade, the utilization rate of ships is very high, greatly increasing the utilization rate of stainless steel marine zip ties. It can be said that no ship is without them. According to the application of stainless steel tie straps on ships, it can make ship navigation safer, because this small accessory can be used for binding, structural reinforcement and fixation.

During the navigation process, the net weight of the ship itself is too heavy, and it may sway due to unpredictable temperature changes. If there is no stainless steel strap for ships at this time, various accessories on the ship can become loose or even blown away from their original position, posing a risk to the ship's navigation. However, if there is a ship-use stainless steel strap, the relevant accessory structure can be reinforced and will not be severely affected by wind and rain, and the ship can successfully navigate.

Why use stainless steel tie straps?

Currently, most of the stainless steel tie straps used on ships in the market are 304L environmentally friendly austenitic stainless steel and 316L environmentally friendly austenitic stainless steel. Why use stainless steel raw materials?

As we all know, stainless steel has the advantages of aging resistance, corrosion resistance, cold resistance, and rust resistance. 304L stainless steel and 316L stainless steel can resist the corrosive substances (chloride ion-containing substances) produced by marine resources, are easy to produce and shape, and do not easily produce stress corrosion after welding, which reduces safety risks. Therefore, using 304L stainless steel and 316L stainless steel to make ship-use straps is very suitable. All these advantages are concentrated on the ship-use stainless steel strap. In addition, it is easy to bind and has tight binding force. There are many types of cable clips and they are widely used. Therefore, the application scope of stainless steel tie straps is not only limited to ships, but also to petrochemical, crude oil service platforms, engineering construction, transportation, pipelines, insulation, cables, bridges, transportation facilities, signs, agriculture and animal husbandry, communication, mechanical equipment manufacturing, power engineering, household appliances, industrial production manufacturing, medical equipment, power plants, dairy factories, chemical plants, airports, railway lines, high-speed trains, subway stations, automobile manufacturing, etc.

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