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Why Are Nylon Wire Straps Easy to Break and How to Fix Them?

Do zippers break in cold weather? Yes, it is normal for nylon ties to become brittle under low temperature operating conditions or during winter use.

1. About nylon wire straps

Nylon cable tie, a kind of cable tie made of nylon. Cable ties are also known as cable ties, lock belts, and cable ties. According to the material, there are nylon wire straps, stainless steel wire cable ties, and plastic-sprayed stainless steel cable ties. There are many kinds of nylon wire straps, which are divided into: self-locking cable ties, sign cable ties, live buckle cable ties, tamper-evident (lead seal) cable ties, fixed head cable ties, label cable ties, latch cable ties, aircraft cable ties, etc. Head ties, bead hole ties, fishbone ties, weather-resistant ties, etc.

2. What are the specific reasons why nylon wire straps are easy to break?

The main component of nylon tie tape is plastic, which is an aggregate of macromolecules. The characteristic of macromolecules is that the speed of motion is slowed down when the temperature is low, and the speed of motion is accelerated when the temperature is high. In winter or low temperatures, the molecules move slowly. Therefore, when the nylon wire straps are subjected to external force, it will deform. Due to the slow movement of molecules, external forces are not easily transferred (balanced internal stress) or consumed (molecular chain friction). In this case, internal stress concentration is likely to occur. When the internal stress reaches a certain level, the macromolecules will break, resulting in cracks, causing internal stress concentration and diffusion. Eventually, the nylon wire straps will break.

3. How to solve the problem that nylon wire straps are easily broken?

The first method: Nylon tape manufacturers can add special small molecular materials in the production of nylon tapes to enhance the force transmission effect of plastic molecules during movement. However, this method is expensive and can only be used in some special industries. For example, a safe and stable working environment especially requires high-tech material technology research and fire safety systems. The second method is that if the nylon wire straps are used under low temperature conditions in our daily life, we can perform a simple preheating first, such as covering it with hands, or using the heater for a short time. The third method is to stabilize the amplitude and strength during use as much as possible when using nylon tape, so that the force transmission between plastic molecules is uniform. These three methods are currently the most mainstream methods, which can effectively reduce the accidental loss of nylon tapes. In fact, it applies not only to nylon wire straps, but also to all plastics.

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