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Electrical Cable Ties

Cable ties are widely used in electric power, machine tools, engineering installation, packaging, automation equipment and communications, computer electrical and other industries. As an ideal strapping material, even if you use a wire brush or a pressure washer to mechanically remove paint, grease and dirt, the embossing information is still clearly visible.

Cable Tie Functions In Machinery

  • Automatic machine: the electrical cable ties are used more frequently. For the electronic parts inside automatic machine, especially for assembly machine, some parts may movable and need to be energized, and there is no special design of wire path inside. In order to reduce the size of the machine as much as possible, the wire will be It is directly fixed on the surface of electronic parts with an electrical cable strap, which also avoids wiring confusion.

  • Large machinery and personal computer: Each unit of the complete circuit will be tied together with an electrical tie to fix and identify it. It is also convenient for later maintenance. Like a personal computer host, if the wire is not fixed with an electrical zip tie, it may affect the motherboard cools down. The automatic packaging line developed by the electrical tie strap is input into the machine in the form of a plate or a single strip, and then the cable tie air gun directly binds the target object, realizing the efficient and fast binding of the automatic assembly line. 

  • The food industry: it also uses special metal detective cable tie (metal detective cable tie, which is also a special material grade). There is a nylon material with magnetic metal powder added to it. The cable tie produced with this material can be detected by metal. The detector detects that it is used for the automatic packaging of food bags, and the automatic assembly line will detect that there is a metal detectable tie to count the food bags. 

  • Automobile industry: push mount cable tie and arrow head cable tie are used in automobile manufacturing. Push mount cable tie, there is a pin head. The car parts design has a hole of corresponding shape to plug the head in. The car cable tie part fixes the wire or parts. There are many designs like this, and the head can be made of nylon. Metal push mount cable tie will form a special car cable tie, usually there is no fixed name, it is the internal serial number, the file can be put in a car cable tie as a copy .

How To Undo A Zip Tie?

The self-locking mechanism of each cable tie is shaped like a ratchet to realize the self-locking function. So, on the other hand, due to the simplicity of this mechanism, we only need to follow the method shown in the figure, there is a plastic buckle in the head position of the tie, and we only need to use a nail or a sharp object to break it. Move it, pull your hand again, and it will come out. Some cable ties fixed with a mount or holder, if you need to untie it , you can contact us to provide you with a solution.

The company's product specifications are complete, and its products are produced in accordance with the technical standards and quality requirements of advanced and developed industrial countries such as the United States, Japan, and Germany. They are exported to the United States, France, Japan, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions, and are highly praised by users. Obtained the ISO9001 quality management system certification.

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