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Cable Ties Uses

  • Communication

    In the power communication industry, in order to better realize the wiring and ensure that the cable lines can be better classified, choosing a better cable tie at this time will definitely have a better effect.

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  • Marine

    The most worthy emphasizing point of cable ties used in marine is the quality of the key components of marine cable ties, namely the toothed belt part and the head tooth cavity.

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  • Cable Management

    Cable management means safe, orderly, and space-saving wiring. Cable management is an important part of the daily work of electricians or panel manufacturers and cable ties are essential.

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  • Outdoor Use

    Professional cable ties have the following characteristics:1. Unique stainless steel buckle design eliminates binding failure caused by buckling failure.2.

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  • Energy Industry

    In the "transmission and distribution" of traditional coal energy power and emerging clean energy, sea and land wind power generation, photovoltaic solar energy and nuclear power industry, the safety and stability performance of cable ties should be among the first consideration.

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  • Shipbuilding

    Our shipbuilding products and solutions are designed to withstand extreme mechanical stress and strain. A humid environment, high concentration saltwater environment, and vibration environment will cause damage to cables and wires.

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  • Machinery

    Cable ties are widely used in electric power, machine tools, engineering installation, packaging, automation equipment and communications, computer electrical and other industries.

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  • Aircraft

    We ensure that all our cable ties are produced of Nylon 6,6 and are manufactured under strict quality control. The majority of our cable ties are exported around the world. This ensures our cable ties...

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