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Precautions to Note When Using Stainless Steel Cable Ties to Bundle Cables

In the process of life and electrical deployment, there are many cables and wires that need to be laid and properly placed. At this time, it is necessary to use the stainless steel cable tie. Cables can be tied or fixed in certain positions with ease. Cables are very special, so attention should be paid to many details. What should be noted when using stainless steel cable ties to tie cables?

stainless steel cable ties are a type of zip tie made of stainless steel material. Zip ties are also known as cable ties. There are various types of stainless steel cable ties available, according to their different functions, such as the iron core zip ties specifically designed for tying transformers and the self-locking zip ties for tying cables.

Pay attention to mastering the correct use of stainless steel cable ties

Different from plastic label ties, when using stainless steel cable ties to tie cables, first thread the tie through the adhesive tape on the cable, so that the cable is fixed within the tie's securing loop. Next, use the teeth of a special tool to clamp at the root of the tie fastener, and use the long part of the zip tie to clamp at the incision. At the same time, pay attention to repeatedly pulling the moving handle of the special tool by hand until the self-locking stainless steel cable tie is securely fixed. After the stainless steel zip tie is secured, pull down the cut tie pliers and cut off the excess long tie.

Pay attention to the uniform way of tying cables with stainless steel cable ties

Usually, when using a variety of stainless steel cable ties, you can learn the correct way to tie them, such as step-by-step tying from beginning to end. Through this operation, the stainless steel cable ties look neat, beautiful, and easy to distinguish, which is also helpful for work tasks.

Pay attention to choosing the appropriate size of stainless steel cable ties to keep the cables neat

Generally speaking, due to different needs, stainless steel cable ties are designed in different sizes and specifications. Blind selection should be avoided and the correct choice should be made according to specific situations. Professional stainless steel cable tie factory emphasizes that before binding, the cable order should be clear. This preparation work is very important to disperse the cables for smooth work arrangements in the future.

Above are a few things to note when tying cables with stainless steel cable ties. In addition, cables should be tied separately according to the situation. Sometimes the situation can be complicated. To prevent the cables from entwining with each other and becoming indistinguishable, they should be bound separately. If necessary, a foam cushion should be used on the outside of the cable, and then tied with a high-quality stainless steel zip tie. The operating process should control the pulling force. The operator needs to adjust the tightness, as long as it is firm and not too tight, to avoid damaging the cable.

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