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Application and Selection of Nylon Ties

As a daily bundling product, nylon cable ties are not only used in industrial production, but also can be used in daily life. People who know nylon cable ties know that nylon cable ties are different models. It is important to choose the right model. Where are nylon cable ties generally used? How to choose the right model?

Ⅰ. Nylon ties in the communication engineering field

In communication engineering, the connection of equipments uses a large number of lines. Currently under the trend of big data, communication equipment, large data storage, optical fiber communication and others, and base station engineering, computer room construction with a large number of circuit wiring needs a long time to simply distribute these lines. The messy line will cause great trouble to the late maintenance. Therefore, it is very important to use nylon ties especially reusable nylon cable ties to achieve fast strapping, line sorting and maintenance.

Communication construction uses network lines, transmission network equipment, core network equipment, communication power supply equipment, wireless network equipment, satellite ground station, microwave digital transmission equipment, data network equipment, communication pipelines and room supporting equipment, etc. These are within the scope of the lines bundled. There is also some communication engineering equipment and application fields using nylon tie, because of the widespread application of nylon tie, the main amount of cable tying line is very large.

Ⅱ. The selection of nylon ties

The selection of nylon wire ties is very important, which is related to the safety of our property, and if the selection is not right, it is not suitable for use and it needs to buy cable ties again, so the selection of nylon tie is important and is suitable for our own.

1. To confirm their binding of the work of the object whther is the ordinary natural environment, or a strong corrosive environment. According to the different environment, you are to choose the right material.

2. It is necessary to confirm the requirements of the binding object. Whether it is required to be very tight or just ordinary tightening. And whether it is hard, hard and soft, or soft bundle. Different circumstances choose different styles of ribbon, such as plastic stainless steel tie strap, stainless steel ribbon, stainless steel ribbon format, bead type stainless steel ribbon, coating stainless steel ribbon and so on.

To determine a good brand, it is recommended to choose a good cost-effective brand on the premise of meeting the requirements. The selection of nylon ties is not the more expensive the better, nor the cheaper the better, but the quality is guaranteed.

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