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Reasons for Choosing Stainless Steel Tie Straps

Ⅰ. About stainless steel tie straps

Tie strap, also known as tie belt, zip tie, lock belt, is used to bind things. Generally according to the material, it can be divided into nylon tie strap, stainless steel tie strao, plastic spraying stainless steel tie strap, etc. According to the function, it is divided into ordinary tie strap, retractable tie strap, label tie strap, fixed lock tie strap, latch tie strap, heavy tension tie strap and so on.

Specifications of stainless steel tie strap can be customized, and its quality is assured and its actual width, length, height and other dimensions can be selected according to the packaging needs of enterprises. In the selection you must pay attention to its error, to minimize the error and sufficient. The relevant statistics show that most factories need to use packaging belt, so why will stainless steel cable tie factory choose stainless steel tie straps?

Ⅱ. The reason why will many factories choose stainless steel tie straps

1. High temperature resistant: Most common packaging products have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, but some of the products in the packaging need high temperature resistant, especially many factories need to check after the packaged products and can't timely delivery, so using stainless steel cable tie is safer, and its operating temperature is extremely broad, and it can also be side to improve its service life.

2. Great strenghth: In order to prevent the packaged items scattered, the factory also need to choose stainless steel cable tie. Some high value items will appear once scattered clusters of damagea and can cause serious obstacles to the factory profit, so many factories will batch professional custom stainless steel cable tie, in order to improve the profit and guarantee the safety of the transportation and storage of the item. Especially for factories with higher quality requirements of goods, stainless steel tie straps should be selected.

3. Wear and corrosion resistance: Some items to be stored in the warehouse for a long time, and some items have no professional transportation equipment which need to be in the ground. They all need to use stainless steel tie straps, because of its relatively high friction resistance coefficient. It can resist all kinds of acid and alkali corrosion substance in the space environment, difficult trip, more important is that stainless steel cable tie is to avoid rusting problem, and bind is easy to pull.

For example, the self-locking tie belt in the stainless steel tie straps is its common sub-products, and many factories need long-term reserve of stainless steel packing strap in case of a rainy day, with the stainless steel tie strap production technology level gradually improved, its error is relatively small. IT can be accurate packaging, so that the packaging problem has been solved.

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