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Insulated Female Disconnects

  • insulated female disconnects
  • insulated female disconnects2
  • insulated female disconnects1
  • insulated female disconnects3
  • insulated female disconnects5
  • insulated female disconnects
  • insulated female disconnects2
  • insulated female disconnects1
  • insulated female disconnects3
  • insulated female disconnects5

Utilize the existing track-type terminal RTB connection technology, and install a circuit composed of electronic components to realize the transmission coupling of the photoelectric process. The core of automatic control is that the control unit must be reliably isolated from the sensors and actuators to avoid interference. The female insulated disconnects can perform this function well and ensure that the field signal matches the low voltage required by the electronic control device. It is the interface component between peripheral equipment and control, signal and regulator device for process control, and is suitable for different voltage and power ranges. And we also provide other types of insulated terminals, like insulated ring type lugs, insulated fork terminals and insulated male terminals.

Main Usage of Insulated Female Disconnects

Female disconnect terminal is a kind of accessory product used to realize electrical connection, which is divided into connector category in industry. The female wire disconnect is used to facilitate the connection of the wire. Disconnect female is actually a piece of metal enclosed in insulating plastic, with holes at both ends for inserting wires, and screws for fastening or loosening. For example, two wires need to be connected sometimes, and sometimes they need to be disconnected. At this time, they can be connected with terminals and disconnected at any time without welding or twisting them together, which is very convenient and quick.

Information of Insulated Female Disconnects

Insulated Female Disconnects

Maxium electrical rating: 300volts

Maxium temperature: 75℃

Terminal Body: Brass

Plating: Tin

Insulation material: vinyl

Drawings of Insulated Female Disconnects

Drawings of Insulated Female Disconnects

Technical Specification of Insulated Female Disconnects

Item NO.Mema TabThickness of materialDimensionSection size(MM²)
(mm)(mm)B(mm)d φ(mm)D φ(mm)L(mm)H(mm)
Cable size:0.5~1.5mm2(A.W.G22~16)    Max current:Imax=10A
FDD1.25-110(5)0.5×² (22~16):Imax=10A
Cable size:1.5~2.5mm2(A.W.G16~14)    Max current:Imax=15A
FDD2-110(5)0.5×² (16~14):Imax=15A
Cable size:4~6mm2(A.W.G12~10)    Max current:Imax=24A
FDD5.5-2500.5×6.350.² (12~10):Imax=24A

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