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Self-locking Performance of Nylon Wire Straps and Tips for Unlocking

1. What are the self-locking performances of nylon wire straps?

Nylon cable tie is a kind of cable tie, made of nylon chemical material, which can be better used to fix various cables. Of course, in order to meet the requirements of better use, it is also necessary to make better adjustments according to the actual situation. Finally, the quality will also be greatly improved. These all deserve our attention. In order to achieve a better self-locking and fixing function, it is definitely better to choose a cable tie produced by a high-quality plastic cable ties manufacturer at this time, and the product price can be more reasonable.

In the past, in order to secure various cables or materials, ropes or iron wires were chosen, or wire ties were used. But these will cause a lot of waste of resources, and the supervision effect is not ideal. However, the use of nylon straps is now a better solution to the waste of resources and unstable fixation. After all, nylon material has strong corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and stretch resistance, so it can meet the requirements when used in more occasions.

In general, the self-locking and fixing properties of nylon wire straps are very good, and they also have better performance in stability, so it is very important to make a better choice. After all, the ties provided by different manufacturers will also differ in the choice of nylon material.

2. Tips for untying nylon wire straps

Many people regard nylon tie straps as disposable items, and they will be cut off after use. In fact, there is a trick to unwinding the nylon thread, it only takes 1 second to touch a place with your hand. Let's see how to untie the zip ties!

First of all, we need to understand the head structure of the nylon wire straps. You can see that the head of the cable tie has a button that can be pulled. After understanding this function, let's talk about how to quickly untie the tie in 1 second. When unfastening the nylon tie, press the buckle on the head of the tie with the fingernail of your thumb and snap it outwards. Then pull the cable tie again to untie it easily, which is quick and convenient. However, how do you untie the tie without a nail? In fact, the method is very simple, all you need is a toothpick. Operation is similar. To untie the tie, use a toothpick to poke into the buckle on the head of the tie, and then pull the tie away to easily untie it.

After knowing how to untie the ties, there is another way to hide the ties. The tie has two sides, one is uneven and geared, and the other is smoother. Therefore, when tying things with cable ties, if the elasticity of the things is not large, you can use the cable ties in reverse. In this way, no tools are required to untie the cable ties, and the tied things will not be loosened, which solves the troubles of many people. Therefore, there is no need to waste nylon wire straps. How about trying it now?

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