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About the Insulating Tape | How to Distinguish Its Quality?

When it comes to electrician's tools, aren't they just test pens, electrician's knifes, wire cutters, needle-nose pliers, and meters? What else can they be? Of course, there is a kind of tape that is also a must-have tool for electricians called insulating tape. Maybe many people don't pay much attention to this tape, thinking that electricity is invisible. How could it be insulated just by a tape? Don't think so. This insulating tape really has an insulating effect. Insulating tape is used where the two wires are connected. The purpose is to make the two wires contact more closely, and at the same time prevent the human body from being electrocuted. How to distinguish the quality of this insulating tape?

Ⅰ. Let's get to know insulating tape together

Insulating tape is relatively common in electrical work. Circuit work requires frequent contact with the circuit. The use of insulating tape is to prevent construction workers from being electrocuted during construction, so insulating tape is indispensable in electrical work. The terminal using insulated terminal lugs in the circuit is the place where leakage danger in the circuit is most prone to happen. The insulating tape is generally used to wrap the circuit terminal, so that the circuit terminal is not exposed, and the probability of contact between the terminal part and the outside world is reduced to protect the circuit.

The insulating tape has the characteristics of fire and flame retardant. When the insulating tape is wrapped around the circuit connector, the insulating tape will not melt even when the circuit is energized and the connector is heated, which can prevent electricity leakage. When purchasing insulating tapes, we also need to read the instructions on the packaging clearly. We must know each insulating tape withstands different voltages in advance before using it.

Ⅱ. How to distinguish the quality of insulating tape?

First of all, look at the appearance of the insulating tape, check whether the insulating tape is defective, whether there are burrs when cutting, and whether the surface of the insulating tape is smooth. However, the viscosity of the insulating tape is determined by the glue. The current glue is basically environmentally friendly but cannot guaranteed that it has no smell at all. The smell of the insulating tape with poor quality will be more pungent, and vice versa.

You can also stick the insulating tape on the wire, then tear it off, and touch the pasted wire with your hand to see if your fingers are stuck. This is called back sticking, especially for wires that have been held together with insulating tape for a period of time. After unraveling, you will find a sticky feeling on the surface of the wire, which means that the quality of the insulating tape is relatively inferior, while such phenomenon will not occur to insulating tape with good quality.

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