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Insulated Terminals Tool

  • Insul Crimper
  • Insulated Crimp Tool
  • Insulated Flag Terminal Crimper
  • Insul Crimper
  • Insulated Crimp Tool
  • Insulated Flag Terminal Crimper

Insulated Terminals tool can use peel off the wire shelve without hurt cord, some insulated crimp tools also have cut for cord wire can adjust cord wire as clean-cut easy for connect, third is this insulated flag terminal crimping tool will help cord wire close in insulated terminals properly, the different terminal will require tool accordingly, in the insulated terminal crimping tool you will find the insulated terminal size mark on it, uses right size tool will close the cord wire and prevent cut it down. Suitable for per insulation terminal and full insulation mediate connector.

Why Chose Insulated Terminals And Insulated Terminal Tool

In the past, the industry will use peeled cord wire directly connect and use screw nail fixed, they find there is always cord wire exposed, which will lead to creepage and wire damage, if install not well also may have a bad connection; Some will use insulated tape, but insulated tape also has some problem, when it applies in an outdoor or high-temperature environment, the insulated tape will overheat and age faster, it may lead to some safety issue and bad connection.  Insulated terminal tools will adjust cord wire as a clean-cut and perfect fit in the insulated terminals, without hurting cord prevents bad connection, use this tool close the cord wire in terminals and no extra exposed will prevent creepage, or cord was damaged.                

Technical Specification Of Insulated Terminals Tool

cable range:Suitable product
0.5-6mm²per insulation terminal
0.5-2.5mm²per insulation terminal
1.0-6mm²Insulation cord end terminals
0.5-4mm²Insulation cord end terminals
6-16mm²Insulation cord end terminals

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