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One of the Most Unconspicuous Parts in the Wiring Management - Cable Ties

In a complete set of wiring harnesses, there are generally more than a thousand parts, and the cable tie is one of the most inconspicuous parts among the thousand. In the production of cable ties, there are nylon and stainless steel materials. Nylon cable ties, that is, made of plastic materials, are generally used outdoors. The service life at room temperature can be 1-2 years, but the aging is fast, the corrosion resistance is poor, the tensile force can only withstand 220N, and the temperature can generally be between minus 15-65 degrees. Stainless steel cable tie, the general material is made of 304 or 316, and the service life of 304 and 316 stainless steel cable ties is as long as 5-10 years outdoors at normal temperature. After the warranty life is exceeded, the stability of the object to be bound can also be guaranteed, but the surface of the steel strip is oxidized by the outside, and black spots appear. Strong corrosion resistance, general cable tie tension is 700-1800N and the temperature is:-60-150℃.

Why are cable ties important?

Although the wire tie product is small, its importance cannot be ignored. The main function of the zip tie connectors is to integrate, fix and arrange the wire harness. The quality of the cable tie is not good, and it may become loose or broken during use. In the slightest, the wiring harness will be entangled, which will affect the appearance and product image. In the worst case, the circuit will short-circuit and catch fire, the aircraft will fall to the ground, and the car will be destroyed. Therefore, companies that attach importance to product quality tend to be very rigorous in the selection of wire ties.

What are cable ties used for?

Regarding automobile wiring harness ties, many people can't help but think that this small product is not worth talking about. Some people even think that the integration of electronic products is becoming more and more advanced, and wiring harness ties are optional! This view is inevitably biased! In fact, in developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, there are many large companies specializing in the production and research and development of various wire harness ties, which are widely used in various industries such as aviation, automobiles, electronics, networks, electrical, military, toys and so on. It can be seen that wire ties are still indispensable and important products in industrial production.

Although the wire tie is an accessory product, it usually accounts for a small proportion in the entire product, but its quality will have a great impact on the overall quality of the wire harness. Therefore, Hont, a leading cable tie company in China, suggests our customers fully consider various factors and carefully choose the applicable products.

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