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Cable Gland Holder Types And Uses

Cable tie holder supplier with PE or PA material.PA is better in aging resistance. Come specification HT-8 and HT-6 from cable tie wholesale suppliers.         


How To Use Cable Tie Holder?                                                              

Screw the holder to the fixed point, and attach cable tie with holder and bundle with wire, cable. In this way, you can fix cable ties anywhere just open a screw hole for it.                                                                

How Do You Use a Cable Tie Mount?

Cable tie mounts including self-adhesive zip tie blocks are manufactured using different acrylic-based and synthetic rubber adhesives. These apply within the different operating situations and expected pull-off forces.

Synthetic rubber has an excellent initial tack, allowing for almost immediate use. Acrylate adhesives generally have less initial tack but generate a higher permanent pull-off force after they have completely bonded – usually after a number of hours.

Instruction for use of self-adhesive cable tie mounts:

  • 1. The surface of cable tie base must be dry, dustfree, clean. When using appropriate cleaning agents, ensure that they do not attack the surface nor leave any residues. After cleaning, surface of cable tie basesshould air-dry completely.

  • 2. Peel backing and press down firmly on the base for several seconds.

  • 3. Depending on the type of adhesive, wait for several minutes (synthetic rubber) or hours (acrylate) so that the adhesive can bond completely with the surface.

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