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Key Factors in Choosing Shrinkable Sleevings

Shrink sleeves provide insulation protection for wires, cables and wire terminals. It has high temperature shrinkage, softness, flame retardancy, insulation and corrosion protection, etc., and is widely used in insulation protection of various wire harnesses, solder joints, and inductors, as well as rust and corrosion protection of metal pipes and rods. In fact, the choice of shrinkable sleeving is not difficult. In general, the choice of shrinkable sleeving cannot be separated from the specific situation. The situation is different, the type of choice is different, it depends on the size of the object and the shrinkage size on the length.

Like other accessories such as nail hooks for cables, shrinkable sleeves are also very important. So how to choose a suitable shrinkable sleeve?

1. Choose the right shrinkable sleeving size

"Tailoring clothes" is a general rule to measure the size of things. Just like choosing wall tacks for wires, when choosing a shrinkable sleeving, it is no exception to "tailor" according to the object to be protected, and choose the appropriate size. Remember not to be too large or too small. If it is too large, the shrinkable sleeving will often not be fixed on a certain part of the object and will easily fall off, thereby increasing the risk of safety accidents; if it is too small, the shrinkable sleeving will not be able to be installed and will not be able to provide insulation. The role of protection. Generally speaking, ordinary electronic heat shrinkable tubes generally shrink by 2 times. In other words, the difference in diameter of the wrapped items is required to be less than double, so that the use of the shrinkable tube can be effectively guaranteed.

2. The shrinkage on the length of the shrinkable sleeving affects the selection

Since it is a shrinkable sleeving, it has the characteristic of "shrinking" when it encounters "heat", so when making a selection, you have to consider the shrinking function in length. After the shrinkable sleeving is shrunk, the overall length will be reduced by 5%-8%. The shrinkage range of the length of the wrapped ordinary item is within the controllable range of 5%-8%. Compared with the wrapped item, which is a metal object time, its shrinkage length will be more elongated. When choosing the length of the shrinkable sleeving, what is the item to be wrapped becomes a necessary condition for choosing the length.

How to choose a shrinkable sleeving is a complex procedure. Because of its "shrink" characteristic, the shrinkable sleeving should pay full attention to the change of this property in the selection. Only by taking this change into consideration, can the selection of the shrinkable sleeving be suitable for the wrapped item without doing useless work.

After comprehensive consideration of various factors, it is actually not difficult to choose a shrinkable sleeving. Two points should be firmly grasped: one is to choose the appropriate size, and the other is to learn from the shrinkage of the length. Closely follow these two points to choose the shrinkable sleeving, and then you can choose the right one.

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