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  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties
  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties

How to Use Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless steel cable tie(ss cable tie or ss tie) is a good choice when supporting heavy loads. Stainless cable ties can withstand higher loads than its nylon counterpart.

Stainless steel zip ties are completely smooth on both sides, making them harder to grip by hand, thus you may not be able to tie them as tightly as you'd like.

We can pull the tail of the stainless zip tie with a good pair of pliers, which will help to make the tie tighter than by hand. But it is likely that no two ties will be tightened to the same level. In addition, the end of the stainless steel cable zip tie needs to be removed.

The best way is to use a steel zip tie gun.  These devices pull the tie to a predetermined tightness and remove the tail, leaving no sharp edges.  If you are using multiple cable ties, this is definitely the best way to increase speed and comfort.

How Do Stainless Steel Cable Ties Work

Stainless steel cable tie is mainly used for industrial binding fixed stainless steel products. Because of its stainless steel material, the stainless steel metal cable tie has stainless steel chemical corrosion resistance characteristics.

At the same time, the stainless steel wire cable ties are not limited by the shape and size of the bound object. The simple tie structure simplifies the complexity of the traditional hoop, and its good fastening performance to ensure the safety of the bound object. What's more, the anti-corrosion and high-temperature resistant materials of stainless steel cable ties ensure both aesthetic sense to the environment and fire protection requirements.

  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Stainless Steel Cable Ties Sizes

  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties Sizes
  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties
  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties
  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties
  • Stainless Steel Cable Ties

Material Of Stainless Steel 1

Common stainless steel level have 201 stainless steel cable ties,  304 stainless steel cable ties and 316 stainless steel cable ties, It decides the metal zip tie performance on corrosion-resistant which depend on differences in nickel content. 316 is excellent and most costly, so buyer always chose stainless steel 304 ball lock cable ties.                    


PVC epoxy coating is a metal zip tie coated with PVC material to isolate from the air/water/possible chemicals to protect zip tie while minimizing scratches. This metal zip tie normally uses 201 materials.

Are Stainless Steel Cable Ties Strong?

The stainless zip tie that Hont Electrical Co ltd offers is very strong, can hold at least 100 pounds without break. The most common metal zip ties and their respective tensile strengths are:      

Miniature Metal Zip Ties 4.6MM width has a tensile strength of 140 lbs.

Standard Metal Zip Ties 7.9MM width have a tensile strength of 180 lb.

Heavy Duty Metal Zip Ties 12MM width has a tensile strength of 270 lbs.

What Are Stainless Steel Cable Ties Used For?

Metal zip ties can use home and industrial, most bunding cable, wire, and assemblies. 1. In the outdoor case that will experience extreme weather, high temperature, low temperature, stainless still zip tie can still function normally and well corrosion-resistant can be used for long time. 2. In building or boating industrial, that may access to salt/chemicals can use better corrosion-resistant performance like 316 stainless steel cable ties, or pvc coated stainless steel cable ties. 3. In the case need to hold heavyweight, stainless steel ties have better tensile strength than nylon ties, can at least hold 100 pounds.                            

To purchase a variety of different lengths and materials ensure tensile strength is suited for your need.

Are Stainless Cable Ties Reuseable?

Stainless steel cable tie is used for only one time, stainless steel zip tie is designed much different from nylon zip tie need pulling the tie to a tight close, you simply feed the tie through a self-locking ball lock system. This mechanism can stand alone or be part of a ball lock system.                                     

What this locking mechanism does is add strength to the tie and ensure that it would not wear down or corrode when the temperatures get too hot or cold. The best part about this locking device is that you don't need much strength to feed ss cable ties through.

Hont is a professional cable tie manufacturer with 30 years of production experience.

Hont Cable Ties makes the grade with quality.
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