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MAR Report-Shortage Of Raw Materials PA6

China PA66 market continued to be active in March,As of April 1, the average offer price of NYLON 66 injection molding sample enterprises was about 42,900 RMB/ ton,  one month with an increase of 19% compared with March,also compared with the same period last year the average price at April increase about 96%

As all this time the crude oil industry capacity losts and shipping difficult from beginning of this 2020.And United States chemical enterprises(which is mainly PA66 produced) affected by the FEB cold disaster covered slowly. At present, the supply of goods in the market is tight,date of delivery will not be earlier than June.

Current offer:China NYLON 66 price keep to rise in March. The range offer upper spot is about 44,000 RMB/ ton to 44,500 RMB/ ton.In 2019,highest point of NYLON 66 is 38,000 RMB/ton.March has broken through the historical high

The shortage of raw materials has caused polymerization enterprises face the problem of production cost increase.Hont have to adjust price from FEB 25th , and April will have new price adjustment,to all the customer we are appreciate your understanding,if there is new price update of raw material we will inform.

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