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  • Cable Nail Clips
  • Cable Nail Clips

What Are Cable Clips

Cable nail clips are devices that manage wires and cables and secure them to fixed points on surfaces, such as walls, ceilings, or floors.  In industrial and home applications, almost any number of cables of any size and shape can be used to control a variety of cable nails.

  • Nail Cable Clip Sizes
  • Nail Cable Clip Size

Nail Cable Clip Sizes

How to Remove Cable Clips From Wall?

How to remove cable clips from the wall? First of all, you are supposed to open the cable wire nails and disconnect the cable wall nails if you intend to remove the nail cable clips. And then you can pinch the sides of each cable clip anchor and carefully pull them out of the nail cable slots. In that way, you can remove the cable holder nails successfully.

How Far Apart Should Cable Clips Be?

Cable nail clips are usually spaced about six-wire rope diameters apart to provide enough holding force.  Ropes should be tensed before they are strained.  After placing the load on the rope, tighten the wire wall clamps again to deal with the rope diameter reduction caused by the load tension.

How to Use Cable Wall Clips?

Cable nail clips are a plastic product. 

PE material injection molding, elastic, impact resistance, never rupture. 

The product series is stud type, the steel nail is directly attached to the online card, which can greatly save the man-hour and reduce the construction cost. 

Usage: put the wire in the clip, hammer the steel nail on the wall to fix the wire.

Purpose: general indoor wiring fixed wire use.

Its advantages are good toughness, good tension, non-toxic, impact resistance, moisture resistance, chemical resistance, not the explosive mouth.

How Different Cable Clip Materials Influence Your Cable Management?

Cable management usually refers to the organization of cables within an installation, product, or tools, e.g., cable tie, cable holder with nails. This guide explains to you to choose the most appropriate cable management nails options for your application. We strongly recommend that you read cable nail product instructions before you buy. 

Cable clip contains two important components, the PE clip, and metal steel, Depending on the use situation we will recommend a different type of clip cable. Clip shape has Round, Hook, Flat, depending on your need situation, to choose the right one to fix your cable. Cable wire nails can be different by their hardness, a normal nail cable is galvanized steel, but if you need to apply it to concrete walls, we have a special concrete nail for it. We offer different cable nail clips, such as circle cable clips, flat cable clips and cable tacks.

How Does A Cable Clip Work?

These cable clips are very well constructed with a semi-circle(or hook, flat) design and on the other side drill the nail into a surface. In retrofitting, this nail cable clip product such as flat cable clip, allows you to mount a single thick cable like a coaxial cable or series of cables along walls and floorboard, which should work out very well for your average contractor or home worker who can not perform in-wall installations. Packing for coming in a pack of 100.

Cable Clips Buyer's Guide

  • Design

    Cable clip apply in retrofitting, fix the cable in the surface, if it need to install in the cornor or complex terrain, we can offer you Circle, Flat. Hook, for your choice. All type have full sizes range.

  • Type

    Cable clips will protect your cables more professional from getting frayed or worn. For this, we like cable clips inside with circle space or hook that offer a good combination of rigidity and flexibility, especially useful when tucking one more cable in for mounting.

  • Aesthetics

    These cable clips are a bit on the dramatic side. Its all-white color may clash with heavy wooden furniture. But it organize how the cable should go regularly, think of it as having more of an industrial feel, better fit for offices. Note, they are small enough to easily be hidden behind an entertainment center or cupboard, or unnoticed cornor.

Cable Clips Buyer's Guide

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