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Characteristics of Stainless Steel Tie Straps and Application in Automobile Industry

Stainless steel cable tie is suitable for the restaurant kitchen, household appliances, transport, engineering and construction, civil industry. From the restaurant kitchen, it mainly includes hand sinks and electrical equipment and gas water heaters. Electrical products are mainly automatic washing machine drum. From the perspective of environmental protection, energy saving and recycling, the demand for stainless steel plate and stainless steel tie strap will be further expanded.

Ⅰ. The application characteristics of stainless steel tie straps

1. Operating temperature: The maximum rated operating temperature of the cable conductor is 90℃.

2. Load temperature: The maximum load temperature of the cable in a short time cannot exceed 130℃.

3. Short circuit fault temperature: When stainless steel wire cable ties  are of short circuit, the maximum temperature can not exceed 250℃ (The maximum delay time is not more than 5 seconds).

4. Laying temperature: Cable laying temperature is higher than 0℃, and less than 0℃ laying needs to be heated in advance.

5. Bending radius: Single core cable bending radius: 20 (the specific diameter of the cable and the specific diameter of the cable conductor) ± 5%.

6. Multi-core cable bending radius: 15 (the specific diameter of the cable and the specific diameter of the cable conductor)  5%.

Ⅱ. Application of stainless steel tie straps in the automotive industry

1. The heat insulation nylon tie of automobile exhaust pipe is instead of the traditional welding method, to avoid the phenomenon of stress pull welding point due to thermal expansion, and increase the life of the heat insulation board, improve the reliability and simple installation method and reduce the cost of the exhaust pipe.

2. Automobile drive shaft dust jacket. Stainless steel tie strap products with its advantages of not limited by size for the production of drive shaft industry is to reduce the inventory established due to different sizes, simple structure and high reliable strength for the drive shaft dust jacket to provide good performance.

3. Brake bus. Stainless steel tie straps products with its unique coating of stainless steel tie strap is to ensure the reliability of the car brake bus, while protecting the bus surface is not damaged.

4. Airbag, in the fixing of automobile airbag, ensures the reliable performance of airbag.

5. Used in the car inlet and outlet water pipe and air pipe, stainless steel tie strap with its good tightness is to ensure the sealing, safety and reliability of the pipeline.

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