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What Are the Advantages of Using Stainless Steel Cable Ties to Secure Road Signs?

Understanding stainless steel cable ties

Stainless steel cable ties are made of high-quality 304 stainless steel and are widely used in various fields for their super strong bundling strength. They come in sturdy and practical paper box packaging, simple plastic waterproof packaging, and new portable box handles, which are convenient and transparent in design to show the remaining cable ties. Smooth R-round edges are both safe and convenient to install, and they can also provide double-layer bundling to increase load capacity. They are suitable for harsh environments such as corrosion resistance, humidity, and seawater. Any specification can be processed.

Advantages of using stainless steel cable ties for road signs

  • Better safety. Compared with fixed bolts, stainless steel cable ties will not rust, can provide detailed scientific data and quality assurance, prevent rusty bolts from causing road sign falling, and help prevent construction units from using inferior materials intentionally or unintentionally, thereby reducing safety risks.

  • Standardization and aesthetics. Bundling can be large or small, close to the work surface, and the appearance is beautiful and generous, which better conforms to urban construction standards. Reduce the use of multiple fixing methods by construction units, making the construction unit standardized and universal.

  • Reduce daily workload. When a typhoon or heavy rain comes, there is no need to frequently check whether the bolts are rusted, causing safety hazards. One bundling can benefit permanently, reduce the replacement of accessories, and avoid painting anti-rust paint.

  • Better long-term economic benefits. In the short term, the unit cost is higher than the existing fixing method, but in the long run, because of its permanent benefits of bundling once, reducing work inspection volume, reducing the regular replacement of other accessories, avoiding regular rust-proof paint brushing, and reducing miscellaneous accessory problems. Indirect cost savings.

  • Stronger anti-theft capability. Compared with other fixing methods, more tools and time are needed to steal road signs using stainless steel cable ties, which is not conducive to theft.

  • Conducive to traffic department inspections. With fewer bundling accessories and more convenient bundling, there is no need to invest in additional fixed equipment. The traffic management department can have a wider range of choices when selecting construction units. During inspection, the deviation caused by eye inspection can be reduced. The bundling of stainless steel cable ties has scientific data references, and there is no need to calculate whether different fixing methods are safe, which is convenient for work inspection and guidance.

  • Provide reference for the planning and design of the traffic management department.

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