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Marine Zip Ties

The most worthy emphasizing point of cable ties used in marine is the quality of the key components of marine cable ties, namely the toothed belt part and the head tooth cavity. This is very critical. Therefore, the toothed belt part should be carefully observed, and there should be no residual tooth phenomenon. There should be no step-like mold deviation marks on the top of the inner surface of the tooth cavity. Otherwise, there will be a large number of unusable sliding teeth, which are difficult to intersperse, which is almost equivalent to waste, and cannot be used.

What Makes Marine Cable Management Special?

The most important evaluation focus of marine zip ties is their tripping force. If the applied force reaches a certain level, whether it is a cable tie break, a tooth reversal, or a head break, any breaking method must be higher than the nominal tensile force. For some users who think that the quality of cable ties is not good, some of them are related to the selected specifications, and cannot be paranoidly considered that the quality of the marine fuel line zip tie is not good, because the standard tension of a certain specification product has been reduced to the lowest point. When the force required in use greatly exceeds the standard, it cannot be guaranteed, and only a product with a higher tension specification can be replaced.

Benefits Of Cable Ties Used In Marine

During the voyage, the weight of the ship itself was too heavy, and it would be shaken due to the unpredictable weather changes. If there is no marine stainless steel zip tie   to fix the various accessories on the ship in the original position, the accessories on the ship would become loose or even be blown away, which will bring danger to the shipment. But if the marine stainless steel tie Belt is being used, then the relevant ship's spare parts can be reinforced when hit by wind and rain, so that the ship can sail smoothly. By using stainless steel cable ties or marine adhesive cable clips, you can make the ship's sailing safer, because cable ties can play a role in binding, strengthening, and fixing. Because the ship has been heavy when sailing, it is easy to be shaken due to unpredictable weather changes. If there is no accessory that can support the fixing of the various accessories on the ship at this time, it will easily cause the accessories to become loose or even blown. Running, this will bring danger to the sailing of the ship, but if there is a stainless steel cable tie, then the relevant accessories can be fixed, and the ship will not be hit by the wind and rain so that the ship can move forward smoothly.

How To Choose Cable Ties For Marine

Common plastic products have defects such as edge defects, lack of materials, anxiety, silver wire, bubbles, deformation, and shrinkage. These are also easier to display on marine cable tie products, so attention should be paid to checking their appearance in detail. Although some of them will not affect the use, they can still cause potential quality accidents. Most of the marine stainless steel cable ties on the market use two low-carbon austenitic stainless sheets of steel such as 304L stainless steel and 316L stainless steel. Why use stainless steel materials? We all know that stainless steel has the advantages of anti-aging, corrosion resistance, low-temperature resistance, not ease to rust, etc., and 304L stainless steel and 316L stainless steel can resist the corrosive medium (chloride ion medium) brought by the marine environment, and it is also easy to process and shape. There will be no hidden dangers caused by intergranular corrosion. Therefore, it is very suitable to choose 304L stainless steel and 316L stainless steel to make marine cable tie downs.

The design of the unique and patented surface fireproof coating of cable tiles ensures the fireproof and safety performance of the cable used in marine. It has a steel ball locking mechanism, which is simple and convenient for strapping, so it is very popular. The cable tie adopts an innovative design and is made of high-quality engineering materials. It is the best choice for high-performance fastening solutions.

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