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What is the Difference Between Stainless Steel Cable Ties and Traditional Cable Ties?

Stainless steel cable ties are not limited by the shape and size of the object to be bound. The simple buckle structure simplifies the complexity of traditional hoop, and the good fastening performance ensures the safety of the object to be bound. Stainless steel cable ties are anti-corrosion and high temperature resistant. materials, to ensure the aesthetics of the environment and fire protection requirements.

Ⅰ. The performance of traditional cable ties is different from that of stainless steel cable ties

Traditional cable ties are easy to break, easy to corrode, have the characteristics of low tension, low wear resistance, and are not waterproof and fireproof. The limitations of cable ties lead to limited use. The current stainless steel cable ties are widely used in indoor, outdoor, industry, agriculture, transportation and other fields.

There are many types of stainless steel cable ties. The current cable tie market grasps the different needs of consumers and produces a variety of applicable and affordable stainless steel cable ties and other related products, such as cable tie clips, allowing consumers to have more choices. From stainless steel cable ties to special stainless steel cable ties for electric power, to heavy-duty stainless steel cable ties, multi-functional stainless steel cable ties, pvc coated stainless steel cable ties, colored stainless steel cable ties, etc., the cable tie market can now meet the different needs of different consumers, integrating production technology and quality. , type, aesthetics and safety.

Ⅱ. The selection method of stainless steel cable ties

1. First, confirm the working state of the stainless steel cable tie binding object, whether it is a corrosive environment or an ordinary natural environment, and select a certain material.

2. Confirm the requirements of the objects bound by the stainless steel cable ties, whether they are very tight or just ordinary, and determine different styles of cable ties, such as: rolled stainless steel cable ties, plastic-coated stainless steel cable ties, and stainless steel cable ties Taped, beaded and coated stainless steel cable ties.

3. To determine the brand of stainless steel cable tie wraps, you must first choose the brand with the best cost performance. It is not the more expensive the better, nor the cheaper the better. Expensive quality is guaranteed, but there are also more premium possibilities. Stainless steel cable tie manufacturers may also cut corners.

So how to use stainless steel cable ties?

1. Put the stainless steel tie straps into the opening groove of the knife edge and the rotating shaft.

2. Turn the gear handle back and forth to tighten the stainless steel cable tie.

3. Push the handle forward, pull down the handle, cut the packing tape, lock the buckle, and take out the tool.

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