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Where is Nylon Plastic Cable Tie Commonly Used?

Understanding nylon plastic cable ties

Nylon plastic cable ties, also known as zip ties, cable ties, and lock ties, are used for bundling things together. They can generally be classified as nylon plastic cable ties, stainless steel zip ties, spray-coated stainless steel zip ties, etc. According to their function, they can be classified as ordinary zip ties, expandable zip ties, tag ties, fixed-lock zip ties, plug-in zip ties, heavy-duty tension straps, etc. The material used for zip ties is nylon 66 certified by UL, which has a fireproof rating of UL94V-2, good acid and corrosion resistance, good insulation properties, is not easily aged, lightweight, safe, non-toxic and has a strong load-bearing capacity. Its working temperature ranges from -40 to 90℃. Its comprehensive mechanical properties are much better than those of general engineering plastics, making it an ideal material to replace copper, stainless steel, and other nonferrous metals.

As the name suggests, nylon plastic cable ties are belts used to bind things together. They are designed with an anti-reverse function and can only tighten when tightened. They also have detachable ties. They come in metallic zip ties (generally made of stainless steel) and plastic zip ties (generally made of nylon). They are commonly used in the cables of mechanical and electrical products, computers, electronic products, automotive wire harnesses, etc.

Nylon plastic cable ties have many uses, such as in the wiring equipment industry, which can be divided into self-locking zip ties, tag zip ties, active buckle zip ties, anti-tamper (lead seal) zip ties, fixed head zip ties, tag zip ties, needle ties, plane head ties, pearl hole ties, weather-resistant ties, etc.

Application of nylon plastic cable ties

Nylon plastic cable ties have higher heat resistance, chemical resistance, and radiation resistance, making them suitable for harsh environments. These are usually used in the automotive industry, aerospace, and medical engineering. These items combine the convenience of plastic and metal properties, which can help workers organize wires in heavy machinery. Different colored cable zip ties make them easy to identify. Some ties can be cut without using cutting tools.

Nylon plastic cable tie products have the characteristics of fast bundling speed, good insulation, self-locking fastening, and easy to use. They can be used for internal connection lines of electronics, such as in TV sets, computers, lamps, motors, electronic toys, etc. They can also be used for fixing mechanical equipment oil pipelines, ship cable lines, bicycle packaging or bundling other objects, and can even be used for bundling agricultural, horticultural, and handicraft items. Nylon plastic cable ties are widely used in Christmas gift factories, electronics factories, wire processing factories, wire and cable factories, toy factories, stationery department stores, fresh supermarkets, daily necessities, electrical appliances, connectors, and other projects.

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