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Advantages of SS Cable Tie

Stainless steel cable ties,it is a new type of bundling product that is widely used in the bundling and fastening of communication cables, traffic advertising signs, signs, various types of pipelines, as well as the shipbuilding and automobile manufacturing industries. Users can cut the length according to actual needs, and then use the cable tie tightening machine with stainless steel buckles for cable tieping installation. Cable ties stainless have the characteristics of long service life, high tensile strength, strong corrosion resistance, and convenient installation.

1. The SS cable tie is easy to clean

It is easy to clean the surface dirt, no metal cleaner is needed, and certain chemicals will blacken the surface of the stainless steel plate. In addition, handprints, dust and delicate touch have a very strong anti-fingerprint and anti-fouling effect.

2. The SS cable tie has good coating performance

The stability of stainless steel is very good, and the hardness of this kind of stainless steel is high, and it is not easy to peel, powder, yellow and so on.

3. The SS cable tie is more beautiful

It has a strong appearance and texture, with oily moisture and a soft feel. The transparent coating can maintain the original metallic texture of the cable tie.

4. The SS cable tie has excellent anti-rust performance

Stainless steel cable tie has good anti-rust performance. By forming a protective film on the metal surface, the metal can be well prevented from corroding from the outside. Greatly extend the service life of stainless steel pipes.

The above are some of the advantages of stainless steel cable ties. Hope these contents can help you better understand stainless steel cable ties.

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