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Cable Management Zip Ties

Cable tie management means safe, orderly, and space-saving wiring. Cable management is an important part of the daily work of electricians or panel manufacturers and cable management cable ties are essential. With efficient cable management products like cable ties, you can make cables "invisible" while reducing the risk of injury and saving space.

Industries That Cable Ties Used In

The application of cable ties is mainly divided into three categories:

  • Power system

The wire and cable management tie products used in the power system mainly include overhead bare wires, busbars (bus bars), power cables (nylon cable zip ties, oil-paper cables (basically replaced by plastic power cables), rubber sheathed cables, overhead insulated cables), branch cables (Replace part of the bus), electromagnetic wires, and electrical equipment wires and cables for power equipment.

  • Information transmission system

Wires and cables used in information transmission systems mainly include local telephone cables, television cables, electronic cables, radio frequency cables, optical fiber cables, data cables, electromagnetic wires, power communications, or other composite cables.

  • Mechanical equipment, instrumentation system

Except for overhead bare wires, almost all other products have applications in this part, but mainly power cables, magnet wires, data cables, instrumentation cables, etc.

Great Importance Of Cable Management

  • Cable management can better organize and protect cable connections for best performance. You can use the cable wrap ties to define the cable path which is more than just aesthetics but eliminating kinks, twists, and sharp bends problems. A properly configured cabling environment helps ensure maximum signal quality and transmission speed. It is also safer and supports faster and easier moves, additions, and changes.

  • Good cable management not only provides a clean, professional appearance but also simplifies and greatly reduces troubleshooting time while promoting effective airflow management.

  • Organize cables in cable management for faster and easier moving, adding and changing, and better functionality. To enhance application flexibility and protection, vertical and horizontal cable management solutions are selected.

  • With the rapid development of the communications industry in the past two decades, products have also developed at an astonishing speed. From the simple telephone and telegraph cables in the past to thousands of pairs of telephone cables, coaxial cables, optical cables, data cables, and even combined communication cables, etc. Thus the cable tie cable management becomes necessary and significant to improve the efficient working environment.

We provide comprehensive fastening solutions to meet industry needs: reusable cable ties for temporary fastening; multi-color optional cable ties for color coding; with fixed components Cable ties are used for the connection and fixation of panels, welding studs, etc.; stainless steel ties are used for harsh environments.

● Self-locking Nylon Cable Ties           ● Tensile Enhanced Cable Ties          ● Releasable Cable Ties

● Marker Cable Ties                             ● Mountable Head Cable Ties             ● Push Mount Cable Ties  

● Hook & Loop Cable Ties                      ● Weather Reststant Cable Ties

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