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Different Types Of Cable Ties & Electrical Wiring Accessories

Using UL Certified NYLON 66 from ASCEND AND INVISTA as materials, HONT CABLES TIES have the same performance as standard self-locking cable tie. But by improving the head design of cable ties, Hont Patent Cable Tie HTA series have better tensile in the same width dimension, the improvement is about 25%, which can replace the bigger tension in the application, giving buyers different choices and competitive cable ties price. 

As a professional cable ties manufacturer, Hont Electrical Co ltd  provides types of cable ties, such as cable straps, zip tie cable, locking cable tie including industrial strength zip ties, commercial zip ties, nylon ties,etc. Now Hont Patent Cable Ties already sell to more than 140 countries, and in some markets, Hont Patent Cable Ties already take a major share and have a very reputation worldwide.

How to Use a Cable Tie?

The most common cable tie consisits of a flexible nylon strip with an integrated rack and pinion, with a ratchet wheel inside a small open housing at one end.  If the tip of the cable tie wire is pulled over the casing and over the ratchet, it will not be pulled back;  The resulting zip tie loop is likely to only tighten.

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Cable Tie Design

The most common cable tie is made up of a flexible nylon tape with an integrated gear rack, and a ratchet within a small open case on one end. If the pointed tip of the cable tie wire is pulled through the case and past the ratchet, it can be prevented from being pulled back; the resulting zip tie loop may only be pulled tighter, which allows several cables to be bound together into a cable bundle or to form a cable tree.

A cable zip tie tensioning device or tool can be used for applying a cable wire zip tie with a specific degree of tension. The tool can cut off the extra tail flush with the head to avoid a sharp edge which might otherwise cause injury. Light-duty tools are operated by squeezing the handle with the fingers, while heavy-duty versions can be powered by compressed air or a solenoid in order to prevent repetitive strain injury.

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Cable Tie Material

As the most common material for cable ties, nylon is a tough cable tie material with good heat resistance and abrasion resistance. Cable tie material is also resistant to fuels and most chemicals.  Nylon 66 is the most commonly used grade for cable zip ties and meets the UL94 V-2 flammability rating with operating temperatures ranging from -40°F to 185°F.

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Cable Tie Tensile Strength

Hont nylon cable tie supplier carries a full selection of cable ties, ranging for use in residential cable ties application, industiral cable ties application or commercial zip ties application. Before purchasing a cable tie for your application, please make note of the cable tie strength for your need.

Understanding Different width of cable tie Tensile

The minimum tensile strength is standard that the load capacity zip tie can hold. This is determined according to the Military specifications and Standards of the international market. Different widths of cable ties list different minimum zip tie tensile strength, this noted in this width cable tie can at least hold the weight safely before breaking. Note that Hont electrical co ltd cable tie such as nylon cable strap and nylon cable zip tie always holds more capacity than standard, however, the weight provides a baseline for customer use in safety conditions for installations.

As an example, suppose you need to run a line that is 480 lbs. To ues in a safe condition, you would need at least a minimum of 4 cable zip ties at a tensile strength of 120 lbs each, spaced correctly so that each cable tie's load capacity does not exceed 120 lbs in order to run the cable line without the cable tie-breaking down.

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Cable Tie Sizes

Patent Technology of Hont Cable Ties

Patent Technology of Hont Cable Ties

Hont patent tension enhanced cable tie is also be recognized as one kind of heavy-duty cable tie, because of patent cable tie have 25% bigger tensile in the same width. After more than ten years of business in the cable tie industry, Hont advanced an improved solution for the possible situation of cable tie use. The engineering team merges their experience and many years of customers feedback, by reforming the head construction, to give the headlock better endurance, and after three years finish the whole series for different widths.

Hont patent cable it because its appearance different from another cable tie, and excellent quality build market reputation, now Hont brand have taken a major share in countries and area like EU SA NA.

Custom Services of Hont Cable Ties

Hont is working with our customers on the long-term development plan, by collecting customer market feedback, and summary the annual reports of most purchase products for countries and areas. Hont is also very familiar with the retail sale, cooperated with several Top 500 companies, and also EU NA SA major supermarket, to provide their retail sale packing design.

In professional use, Hont cable tie company also develops biodegradable material, weather resistance, metal detective apply to the food industry, special projects, boating, etc. Also Hont electrical can accept customized product by develop customized mold according to the drawing cable tie design provided by our customer. Most in Car use cable tie.

How Does Hont Controls the Quality of Cable Tie

1. MATERIAL-100% ONLY NYLON 66 Raw Materia from ACSEND and INVISTA, refuse PA6 or Recycled.

2. EQUIPMENT:88 sets large capacity high-speed injection machines provide production 15ton per day,60 automatic vacuum water inject seamer.

3. 15 Full automatic production line, Hont develop standard product produce from raw material production and packing into the bag, all procedure finished by automatic machine, without worker operating, each line capacity about 5000bag per day.

4. Accurate Mold: Advanced mold produces the nylon cable ties in low temperature and pressure, polished process on mold make cable tie nice appearances without burs.

5. QC Quality control: Hont have more than 30 QC for quality management, quality test will process in raw material first arrive, in production and random test on ready shipment cargo. The test has a tensile test, insertion test, moisture test, temperature test, and final packing check. Each time the production condition change, the QC team will cyclical test every day.

6. Tenilse Test: ensure nylon cable tie tense is higher than the international standard.

7. Insertion Test: check the cable tie teeth sure each cable tie goes smoothly.

8. Moisture Test-process in our lab professional tester, test objects are raw material and finished product, ensure nylon cable ties should absorb enough water can store longer time without break.

9. Temperature test especially for Extreme environments, test temperature will set up as -40 and 85, ensure our cable tie functions in a possible situation such as Russia, Middle East countries.

10. Packing and Quantity check-make sure no less quantity and labeled position well, We packed the cable ties in bags by measuring the weight, but also random take sample for each order and checked by pieces to make sure right quantity in each bag.

How Does Hont Controls the Quality of Cable Tie

Hont is a professional cable tie manufacturer with 30 years of production experience.

Hont Cable Ties makes the grade with quality.
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